Name: Alvin Beck
Address: 113 North Main; Clareden, AR 72029
Phone: 870-747-3683 Fax:
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Alvin Beck was born and raised on the banks of the White and Cache Rivers. Having come from a family of eleven hunting and fishing was a way of life. It put food on the table. Alvin’s  father used to give him only the same number of shells to carry as was the bag limit for the species hunted. The made Alvin learn not to risk taking questionable shots and sharpened his skills in the field as well.

The flooding of the White and Cache rivers has produced some of the very best timber hunting in the country. The bottoms are full of lakes and ponds that are fed annually by this flooding. The surrounding farm lands of rice, soybean fields and wetlands become natural havens for the waterfowl populations.

As a school project in 1962 Alvin made is first duck call. He admits it was more of a squeal then a quack but it was a beginning. He has made a few calls for his brothers and his sons. They all seem to like them. In about 1997 he seriously began making calls and lanyards. He has spent well over three years designing, experimenting and developing the call that he makes today. Alvin takes great pride in the fact that his call is a unique design and not just another copy of someone else’s design. No part of his calls are made in a machine shop. Every call made is strictly hand made and tuned. Alvin also makes what he feels is the best lanyard available today. They hold two calls each and feature a drop off loop for a lanyard.

Alvin has made many special calls for several local guides in his area. He also makes special designed calls for the serious collector as well. One of his proudest moments was to have one of his calls presented to the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. All the calls are easy to blow from the highest and sharpest of hail calls to the softest of purrs and they produce an excellent feed call.

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