Name: Steve Boyles
Address: 218 Elm Street; Chillicothe, MO 64601
Phone: 660-646-7021 Fax:
Personal Website:

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QuackerStacker Duck Calls

Steve Boyles was born, raised and currently resides in Chillicothe, Missouri. Living in one place all your life might be boring for some folks but not for Steve as he has no intentions of moving. His early days of hunting started back in 1976 when his father let him start carrying his own gun. Back then Swan Lake National Refuge was where both of them spent the bulk of their time hunting for geese. A lot has change since then and now most of Steves hunting is done on public grounds and places like the Fountain Grove Conservation area. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for waterfowl hunting.

By nature Steve is a hands-on type person. He is a toolmaker by trade and has extensive knowledge when it comes to making specialty tools and dies. He has been involved with a variety of woodworking projects and has even designed and built his own custom layout boat that he uses for hunting. Having a passion for duck hunting Steve has always wanted to hunt with a call specifically built by him. With that, it only seemed logical to bring these skill sets together and begin making calls.

Trying to come up with a name for his calls took some major brain storming sessions which included his wife. After several hours, the name QuackerStacker was born and the catchy phrase seemed to be one that would easily roll off your tongue. He began making calls in 2003 and spent the first 3 months playing with the sound and working to fine tune it. With the help of websites like CCO and solicited advice from other call makers, Steve made the necessary adjustments to achieve the sound he was looking for.

For Steve call making is meant to be only a part time hobby. When he is not making calls he often finds himself in the shop making new and innovative tools for making calls. He is currently developing and building tools like soundboards jigs, reed punches, mandrels, and other specialty tools. All this coupled with his own personal calls he builds keeps him very busy.

Steve builds around 20-25 calls a year. He prefers to use domestic woods such as cherry, walnut and maple. He has used other exotic woods on many of his calls but over time he has found he enjoys the more traditional woods like the domestics. Steve makes both field grade and collector grade calls. Most of his early calls have been more in the lines of field grade. However, in the last year he has shifted gears and is starting to make more collector grade calls. Laminate calls are where most of his time has been spent but he is beginning to learn the art of checking and carving and hopes to begin producing these styles in the near future.

Steve is a member of the CCAA and Ducks Unlimited. Both he and his wife try to attend as many of the call making and collecting functions as possible. The main event you can find him at is the CCAA show which takes place each year in St Charles Illinois. It was here in 2003 that Steve won the Award of Merit and 1st place with one of his laminate calls. In 2004 he entered again and took home 2nd place for his miniature, 1st place for his matched set and 1st place and Best in Class for his laminate calls.

If you’re looking for a quality call to place in your collection be sure to give Steve a call. Or if you’re just looking for that special tool or die to help with your own custom calls I’m sure Steve either has it or can make it for you.

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