Name: Greg Brinkley
Address: 167 Military; Marion, AR 72364
Phone: 870-739-5777 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Drake Brake Duck Calls

Greg Brinkley is a 6th grade teacher in the West Memphis, Arkansas School District. He likes to hunt ducks and deer. Brinkley currently hunts the Arkansas and Tennessee areas. He began building calls, "to make a call that would hit the highest to the lowest sound and still sound ducky". "I have blown many calls, but never found the one that would do it all", Brinkley said.  Brinkley, along with his 10+ years of playing a musical instrument, feels the call he makes will do whatever he wants it to.

Brinkley has been helped by many call makers. He says "I now understand why it is hard to tell someone how to make calls because of the hard work it takes." "I am thankful for those who helped me through the call making process. Brinkley enjoys swapping calls and is currently a member of Call Maker’s and Collectors Association.

Brinkley knew what he was looking for when he began building calls in 1995. He says, "my first inspiration was in the first call I made. Dad and I worked on this call all night and finally it made a buzz sound. The challenge was set and I began the task to make my own call." "Over the course of a year, through a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with my call," he said. Little by little my duck calls have become better looking and better sounding. Although I turn many exotic and domestic woods, I prefer to turn Osage orange, Cocobolo and acrylics. I feel these materials make the best calls, because they are very dense and hold a consistent sound. I have about 50 duck calls in my drawers at home that people tell me looks like other call maker’s calls. After hours and hours of turning, I have finally came up with a call I feel looks like no one else’s call.   Brinkley seeks the volume, deep tone and raspy sound of the mallard hen. He currently makes an Arkansas style call to achieve the highball and low end the ducks cannot resist.

Brinkley taught himself how to blow a call at the age of 14. He started duck hunting at the age of 7 and still loves it today. He is currently preparing for competitions and is seeking those interested in blowing his call in competition. Brinkley says that his calls are 100 % guaranteed.

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