Name: Frank Bryant
Address: 221 Bryant Road; Jonesville, LA 71343
Phone: 318-339-9222 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Mallard Master Calls

The Mallard Master call is one duck call that every collector should add to his collection. It is one of the few hand tuned metal reed calls that is still available on the market today. Many call makers today are turning toward plastic reed calls because they are easier to tune and are not as expensive to make. But not Frank Bryant, he has been making the Mallard Master call since early 1982 and has no plans on quitting.

Frank Brant's Mallard Master call is patterned after the legendary Tom Turpin call which dates back to the 1920's. Mr. Turpin eventually sold his business to J.L. Melancon in 1956. It was from Levi Melancon that Frank learn the secret of how to bend the phosphorous bronze reeds which are in every Mallard Master call. One might find it amazing that every reed that is placed in the Mallard Master call was cut by the original metal reed cutter that was owned by Mr. Tom Turpin himself. That in itself makes it a call to cherish.

The Mallard Master call produces a good "ducky" sound and Frank strives to make every call sound just like a hen mallard. The advantage of this call is that it does not stick or squeal like many of the plastic reed calls do. The Mallard Master call is made from teakwood or rosewood and every one has an mallard emblem on the barrel.

Frank sells quite a few of these calls every year. His number one customer is Cabelas catalog which purchases 1000 or more a year from him. Not bad for a what started out as a hobby.

Frank retired after 30 years of being an offshore worker for Chevron. He states that he has no plans on hitting the road to sell his calls. Instead he prefers to guide part time when duck season comes around and make calls the rest of the time. You can purchase the Mallard Master call through the Cabala catalog or order directly from him at the address listed above.

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