Name: Steve Cook
Address: 1636 Iron Man Road; Hartselle, AL 35640
Phone: 256-773-0275 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Giden Custom Calls

Although Steve Cook is a new call maker he is no stranger to waterfowl hunting and calls. Since he was just a young boy in the 60’s his father would take him along on his hunting trips afield. Steve comments that he has always been fascinated with calls and over the years has collected boxes of them. Steve lives in Hartselle Alabama with his wife and daughter.

It was around 1990 that Steve started to collect hand made custom calls. It was an "Old Suzie" duck call by Clem Blackburn and a copy of Howard Harlan’s book on duck calls that prompted him to believe he could do this himself. He set his expectations on the goal of making his own calls and not just collecting them. With a musical background as a tool and a real interest in woodworking Steve set out to make his own call. Several months were spent creating his own tone board. It needed to be an original design. Steve did not want to just copy another call maker’s efforts.

The design for Giden Custom Calls is an Arkansas style caller with a single reed. Each call is brass banded and pinned into place. When properly blown they make all the sounds that one would associate with a duck.

Wood selection is extensive and Steve uses both local species as well as exotics in making his calls. A few he lists are, but not limited to: Cocobolo, Figured Maples, African Blackwood, Osage Orange, Zebrawood, Red Cedar and Bubinga, In addition calls are also make from various colored acrylics. Steve does not do any fancy carving or painting on his calls at this time but does offer a decorative checkering. This is an option on his calls and offered on a limited basis. Take the time to contact him about this feature if interested.

Steve makes calls as a hobby and as a result has a limited number of calls he produces each year. Between his full time job as an electrician and his family the current production is limited to about 30 calls annually at this time.

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