Name: Anthony Dammann
Address: 24 Pug Lane; Conway, AR 72032
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 Feathered Frequency Duck Calls

Anthony Dammann grew up on a small family farm located in Mallettown Arkansas. Farm life always had certain advantages and one in particular is the rich tradition of family hunting. For Anthony, this tradition definitely held true because his father was a dedicated hunter since early childhood. Finding a place to go hunting was never a problem either. In fact, just outside Anthony's backdoor was an abundance of prime hunting land at his disposal. It was on the Cadron and Cove creeks that Anthony gained his greatest appreciation for hunting and fishing. Since there wasn't much else to do for entertainment, this area would become a paradise playground for Anthony and a place that many hunting memories would take place. But, as time passed his opportunities to hunt would become limited as Anthony would soon find himself dedicated to schoolwork and eventually graduating from high school. Afterwards he pursued a degree in electronics and began working in the industry as an electronic tech.

The pursuit of making duck calls wouldn't start until Anthony was in his early 30's. After 10 years in the industry he decided to quit and start his own custom metal finishing shop. Manufacturing these precision parts was not a strange concept for Anthony as he had spent much of his teenage years hanging out at his uncle's machine shop. It was here he started making duck calls as a hobby. This hobby eventually sparked the idea of what would take to make a fully aluminum duck call.

Anthony's idea started as a simple duck call but over a three-year period it would become very complex. His first requirement was a call that would have machined threads thus eliminating the gaskets or O-rings. This would insure that the reed board would stay in a fixed position and would produce the same results each and every time. Second he wanted a call that wouldn't fade, crack or scratch easily, basically something that would be indestructible. As stated earlier the ideal solution was a call made out of aluminum. However, as he found out from many people the issue of aluminum sticking to your lips and hand would have to be resolved. This is where the metal finishing business would pay off. The truth of the matter was Anthony had already been color-anodizing aluminum bands for several other duck callmakers so why not utilize this same process in building the entire duck call.

The process itself is one of the fastest and growing technologies today and is called special purpose electro coating. It is the same process used in making nonstick frying pans. After the calls have gone through this cycle, Anthony hand buffs the calls and applies an anodized coating. This coating brings the surface hardness to a level that eliminates the cotton sound that is inherent with the use of soft metals. After the coating is applied it is then impregnated with architectural dies to give the call a lustrous appearance in a variety of colors. The last step in the process is an application of fluoropolymer, which allows the call to remain stick-resistive at lower temperatures.

As Anthony began producing his first prototypes he learned there was one more issue yet to be addressed. The call at this point was still uncomfortable to the hunter's lips. After all, who wants to hold a piece of metal to their lips for an extended period of time? To resolve the problem Anthony devised an acrylic nipple that would connect to the mouthpiece of the call. This final addition would complete his modifications to the call and leave him with one last thing to do. Start production and take his calls to the market.

The response to Anthony's Feathered Frequency duck call has been overwhelming; with duck hunters drooling to get their hands on this new and innovative duck call. This call the "Standard High Frequency Call" is just one of several that will be available this year. Those interested in collecting will be pleased to hear that Anthony is also producing a special collectors series in limited numbers. The collector's series will have the same precision and function as the field call. However, and extra special masking to enhance the beauty of the anodizing has been added making them truly a work of art. The collector sets comes on a hand polished aluminum stand to match and makes a wonderful addition to any call collection.

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