Name: Paul Davis
Address: 8733 Kiggins Ct.; Boise, ID 83704
Phone: 208-322-4026 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Coim Calls

Paul Davis has been hunting ducks since he was twelve years old and before that he sat in the blind with family starting at age seven. At age of 42 he is now a well-seasoned and experienced duck hunter. As a young man it was not uncommon to ride a Gray Hound bus for 60 miles wearing hip boots and carrying his gun in a case to hunt with his brother for the weekend. Dedication, even at that early an age, doesn’t get much deeper than that. Paul hails from Boise Idaho but was raised in Logan Utah.

Making custom calls came from frustrations experienced from buying questionable quality calls over the years. Mass produced calls just didn’t do it for Paul. About seven years ago he purchased his first custom-made call, a bamboo caller. A hard call to work he learned how to blow it and with practice and got very good with it. The call was kept on themirror in his truck until his lab puppy tried it out one day for himself and crushed the barrel.

Paul decided to made himself a new bamboo call but he wanted to improve his call making beyond the delicate bamboo call he first bought. He wanted to make calls that would hold up better over time. Now he makes both Louisiana and Arkansas style calls. The calls are made from Cocobolo, Osage Orange, Rosewoods and others woods upon request.

He named his calls "Coim Calls" after his late father. It was a nickname his grandfather gave his father. He has no idea what it meant to his grandfather. These days Paul’s best times are spent duck hunting with his two sons Bob and Dylan and their lab Nuts. When we talked, Paul said how important it was to take kids with us when we go into the field. It’s valuable time spent, sharing friendships, building a young persons character and imparting knowledge and experiences they can take through life with them.

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