Name: Brian Ferguson
Address: 9707 Creekrun Ct.; Evansville, IN 47711
Phone: 812-867-7908 Fax:

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 Ferguson Custom Calls

Brian Ferguson lives in Evansville Indiana with his wife and two sons. He is an avid hunter of 25 years and spends much of his hunting time in Southern Indian and NW Kentucky. He occasionally hunts deer and turkey but his love has always been for duck and goose. He is a member of the NWTF, Ducks Unlimited and plans to join the CCAA in the near future.

In the Spring of 2000 Brian visited his local wood supply store and noticed they would soon be offering a class on how to make duck calls. Brian had always wanted to make his own duck call especially since duck and goose hunting was a passion of his. So he decided to sign up for the class. He never dreamed a class like this would have that great an impact on him, but before the class was over he was hooked and callmaking became his newfound hobby.

When Brian started building calls in 2000, he didn’t have the best tools for the job but he didn’t let that deter him from developing his own unique style of call. Turning and assembling the barrel and insert became the easy part, but as he experimented he ran into problems. Sometimes his inserts would split, other times his guts would slip when subjected to the cold temperatures, but Brian understood this was all a part of the beginner’s trail and error process. Slowly working through each of these problems he upgraded his tools with better and more powerful ones to make the job easier. By the end of that year Brian felt confident that his calls where ready to take to the market.

Today Brian builds around 40 to 60 calls a year and offers them in two series called the Pro Clucker and the Tall Timber. These handcrafted one at a time calls are made from a variety of exotic hardwoods from South America. Cocobola, rosewood, ash and bois d’ arc are typically used on Brian’s calls. However, his favorite wood is cocobolo because of the unique colors it will produce and the grain patterns produce something different for each call. Other variations include a mixture of wood and acrylic or even solid acrylic. Customers can choose calls with or without brass bands, and decide if they would like their calls to be coated with an oil finish or a high gloss finish. For those who strictly collect calls, Brian offers a combination duck and goose call match set. These matched sets are turned out of the same block of wood to ensure matching wood grains are consistent between the two.

Brian recently started to enter his calls into the call making contests that NWTF and other organizations promote. Although he hasn’t placed in one of these contests he has accomplished something far greater. Donating calls to the local Ducks Unlimited Greenwing events in his area has fulfilled one of Brian’s greatest achievements. Just being able to watch a kid’s eyes light up when they receive a duck call is always worth more than any ribbon earned at a contest.

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