Name: Stuart Fincher
Address: P.O. Box 1796; Greenwood, MS 38930
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 Sharkey Bayou Calls

Stuart Fincher was exposed to the out of doors and hunting since he was just a young lad growing up in the Mississippi Delta. His grandfather owned and operated a sporting goods store that was the center for congregating sportsmen in the area. Stuart remembers the men sitting around a heater telling stories of the ones they bagged and of the ones that got away. The store was filled with all the things a young man would enjoy looking at and handling. From guns, knives, boats and motors the store had everything he needed.

It was with his granddad and brother that he first hunted. Living in the delta hunting was a passion. This area does keep the outdoors person active. From fishing all summer to doves in September, bow season in October, gun deer in November and ducks in December and January. Don't forget hunting turkey in the spring. Stuart remembers hunting in the early 60's in the Sharkey Bayou. He hunted with his grandfather till 1966 when he passed away. It's the Sharkey Bayou that has very special memories for Stuart and those memories lead to the naming of his calls "Sharkey Bayou Calls".

After not hunting for a few years with the birth of twin sons, Stuart got back into the sport and quickly realized the calls he had were not exactly what he wanted. Being an experienced wood worker he decided to make his own calls. He wanted to make an attractive call that would not stick. One thing about call making, Stuart reports, is "the more you learn the less you realize you know".

Sharkey Bayou calls fill the requirements of a good call. They are functional, attractive, durable, won't stick and most importantly they call ducks.

The calls are designed for hard use. They take allot of air and won't break up or squeal. At the same time they produce a full range of tones from the softest feeding calls and clucks to the rich highball calls. The barrel design is unique and is shaped to allow it to be held comfortably in the hand and allow the hunter to work the opening to control the tone. Stuart uses material common to the Delta area. He likes Persimmon, pecan, walnut, maple, cherry, willow and osage orange.

In addition to the duck calls Stuart also makes two types of turkey calls. A pocket sized box call and terrapin shell calls with a cherry sound board. Stuart also makes a quail locator call. In addition to these there is also crow and owl locator calls as well.

Stuart has entered the Landmark's Gallery call show for the past two years and has sold several calls through that event. At a local NWTF banquet he had a display case of his calls that brought over $500.

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