Name: Buck Gardner
Address: 2129 Troyer Avenue; Building 249 Ste. 104; Memphis, TN 38114
Phone: 901-946-2996 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Buck Gardner Calls

When it comes to duck hunting and calling ducks very few people can hold a candle to Buck Gardner, he is recognized as one of the top duck callers in the nation. Hunting for ducks started at the early age of 6 when he would go with his father. Over the years he became a proficient duck call and in 1980 he entered his first duck calling contest. Unfortunately he finished last when he was disqualified for talking during his routine. But the very next year he returned and won the first of three Alabama State Championships. Following this he competed and won the Mississippi Delta Regional defeating 47 contestants from 17 states. Among those he beat were 6 former world champions. Finally 12 years later in 1994 he won the World Championship and in 1995 he achieved the Champion of Champions which is the highest honor in duck calling.

He started making calls because he had a desire for a call with custom quality sound. He was able to do this because each call is hand filed and has a reed cut just for that call to produce the exact sound he is looking for.

He began making calls in 1986 when he started a waterfowl business as a hobby. The first calls he made where from ABS and Polycarbonate injection molded plastic, however he has since switched to an acrylic type call. Buck feels these calls produce the very best sound available and at a cost that is also affordable. These Arkansas Style calls will do the complete range of the loudest ringing highball to the softest clucks and have a very strong and raspy low end. Buck also makes a full line of calls including goose, deer, predator, squirrel, crow, owl, turkey and lots more duck calls.

Buck's philosophy in life is to persist until his goals are reached and achieved. This is evident in the fact that he qualified 14 times to compete in the World before he won in 1994. Now he wants to make the best calls he can and help others learn to call ducks and judges.

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