Name: Jon Graham
Address: 214 Rickey Drive; Palestine, TX 75803
Phone: 903-729-0380 Fax:
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 Marshhunter Custom Calls

Nothing in the world can make a father more proud than when his son starts learning how to blow a duck call. For Jon Graham this dream has already come true even though his son Jon Jr. is just a toddler. It all happened when Jon was showing some of his custom calls to a customer and Jon Jr. picked one up and blew like he had done it before. This prompted Jon to immediately turn a special call for his son which he proudly wears on a two-call lanyard with of course his pacifier on the other side.

Jon Graham was born in 1967 and lives in Palestine, Texas with his wife and son. He has been an avid hunter since the age of 11 spending most of his youth hunting with his stepfather. During his younger days, duck hunting consisted mostly of jump shooting, but as time passed he began hunting with decoys and learned just how important the role of a duck call played. That first hunting and the sound of a “comeback” call was all it took for birds to lock up and come into the spread. From that point on Jon was hooked. Today Jon spends most of his time hunting public land in Palestine Texas, which is located several hours south of Dallas on the Trinity River Flyaway. Here there is an abundance of lakes and reservoirs and prime public hunting areas that have been developed by the State of Texas and Ducks Unlimited. But, hunting on these public spots is no walk in the park. Many times Jon and crew arrive hours in advance hoping to beat the crowds of other hunters that flock to these spots. Fortunately the payoff can be great, with limits of mallards, teal, widgeon, pintail, redheads and an occasional canvasback being added to the bag.

When Jon started making calls it was because he wanted to learn how and why calls worked the way they did, or in some cases didn’t work. Although he had used several of the calls you find on the market today he never found one that suited his style of calling. He began turning his first calls from kits available on the open market. Soon after word spread and friends and family members began requesting that Jon make one for them. After making several of these kits Jon realizing that he had an eye for shaping the calls and decided to go full force and create a call from scratch, but not before he acquired the right tools for the trade. With the help of his dad he built a tone board jig and even went as far as building his own mandrels and other tools needed to complete the job. These skills alone gave Jon a great appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into building a call.

After a lot of trial and error and help from other callmakers Jon is now proud to be selling his own line of calls that go by the name Marshhunter Custom Calls. Jon’s Marshhunter calls have been available to the public for two years and he averages round 150 calls a year. Calls are available in both field grade and collector and come in a variety of acrylic and wood with his favorites being those made with Cocabolo and Bocote. Jon is also venturing into other types of calls. Currently he is looking at pintail whistles and has future plans for teal, wood duck and also goose calls.

With his recent success in turning calls, Jon is frequently asked if he will ever mass-produce his calls using CNC machines. In response to that question Jon replies: “As a callmaker it is very rare that you find two callers that blow the same way. This in itself makes it hard to satisfy everyone and is the main reason I like personalizing hand made calls for the individual.” True words spoken from a dedicated Custom Callmaker.

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