Name: Tim Grounds (DECEASED SEPTEMBER 30, 2018)
Address: 14331 Prosperity Road; Johnston City, IL 62951
Phone: 618-983-5649 Fax:

Personal Website:

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 Tim Grounds Championship Calls

Tim Grounds started making goose calls almost 25 years ago and now makes this his full time job. When he is not making calls there is only one place he could be. That's right, in the field guiding which he thoroughly enjoys. Tim started hunting at the early age of three and began guiding for others when he was in his teens.

Tim has come along way since that time. He is a 5 time World Champion goose caller. Several of his titles include:

  • 1988, 1992 and 1994 World Champion
  • 1985 &1992 Illinois State Champion
  • 1986 & 87 & 89 National Champion
  • 1987 & 1988 U.S. Open Champion
  • 1990 Tri-State Champion
  • 1990-91 Grand American Champion
  • 1992 Midwest Champion
  • 1992 Winchester World Open Champion

Various types of woods are used to create his calls including: cocobola, hedge, maple, walnut and blackwood. Also used are materials such as ABS plastic, graphite, glass and acrylic. Each call is hand assembled & tuned by Tim himself to assure you of the highest quality.

Tim's goose calls are considered the chosen call of professional guides worldwide "BEST IN THE FIELD".
Tim offers a wide spectrum of calls available on the market today. It wasn't until several years ago that time started making and introducing duck calls. For those who can't find the time to hire Tim as a guide, you can have him come right into you home with these following instructional video tapes.

  • The Master "Goose Talk"
  • "Goose Hunting the Mississippi Flyway and Eastern Shore"
  • "The Short Reed Way" Instructions on Half Breeds, short magnum, long magnum and Honker Magic Magnet.

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