Name: Charley Heiges
Address: 52 Ewerson Road; Port Clinton, OH 43452
Phone: 419-732-2147 Fax:

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 Fowl Foolers Calls

Charley Heiges has been obsessed with the sport of waterfowl hunting since he was a child. In the 1970's Charley started collecting duck calls. He swore he would stop when he reached his goal of 100 but still to this day he is collecting them. After studying each call he collected he would ten years later create what is now know as the Fowl Foolers Call.

Charley has divided his calls into four different sounding duck calls and two different goose calls. Each would blow with varying degrees of air pressure or skill levels. The calls are listed in the order of the ease of blowing and controlling them as well as their loudness.

Captain Charley Heiges is the current and two-time Ohio State Calling champion and was fourth in the Grand American Metal reed calling contest held at Reelfoot Lake in the heart of Metal reed country. Since 1982 he has produced 3,000 calls and produces 1,000 annually. Wood types used are walnut, cherry, maple. He also uses some plastic inserts and plastic reeds (metal reeds are coming soon). Charleys goal is to satisfy the needs of the largest number of duck and goose hunting callers, with skill levels that the average hunter can accomplish with ease.

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