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 Hess Goose Calls

The original short reed honker style goose call. All other short reed honker style calls are copies of the call or a copy of a copy.

I started goose hunting in the mid 1960's. At that time a good friend and goose caller deluxe, Albert Galloway (now deceased), took me under his wing and taught me about calls and calling using modified OLT L-22 calls. As time went on, I bought other brands of calls but none did what I wanted a call to do. So, I started making some call parts and experimenting with them. My oldest son, Keith, also became interested in goose hunting and calling and began experimenting with calls. In 1979-1980 he asked me to make him a call considerable larger than those to which we were accustomed.

After several reed changes, etc. the short reed honker style call capable of producing all the sounds of a Canada goose was born. Being young, Keith could blow that call all day while I could barely get a sound out of it. Upon further experimentation we arrived at a combination that was much easier to blow yet would still produce all the "goosey" sounds.

These calls are available in the following choices of wood: persimmon, walnut, olive goncolo alves, cherry, maple and these varieties of rosewood: cocobolo, chechen, grenadillo.

I will also make your call from your own wood at no extra charge. If you desire, we can inscribe your name or initials on your call at time of order at no extra charge. These calls have a brass band on the barrel and a brass insert in the tone bell. The brass prevents splitting from abuse.

All calls have four to eight coats of high quality urethane inside and out. With reasonable care these calls will last a lifetime. Once you get one of these calls you'll wonder how you even got along without it.

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