Name: D.D. Hull
Address: 5848 Otoe Street; Lincoln, NE 65806
Phone: 402-489-2580 Fax:
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 Docs Calls

Doc Hull grew up hunting ducks and geese in the rainwater basin area of central Nebraska and the Platte River in central and western Nebraska. This was when the waterfowl populations very high and hunting pressures were low. He was in the Navy during WW II, became a Dentist in 1952, and practiced dentistry for 38 years.

Doc started making calls after reading and article in the "The American Shotgunner". Shortly after that he contacted Ray Wright, spent time with him in his home in Portage Indiana and learned the basic skills from Ray about making calls. Doc has been making calls since about 1986. Doc makes his calls using hardwoods, acrylic, synthetic woods, ivory and horn for their beauty and tone quality. One of the most important things in the quality of the wood is that it is very hard and dense. He feels this quality in the wood helps to produce the sound he wants in his calls. He dubs his calls "Doc Calls". He seeks a smooth, high pitched sound for the hunting and competition calls he produces. A raspy less loud sound is produced from his timber hunting calls.

Doc Hull has always done miniature carving, and along with his wife Donna who has a doll company that makes porcelain dolls and "One of a kind Art Dolls". Doc sculpts the art dolls and Donna, who is a World class seamstress, does the costuming.

The stoppers in these calls are the curve tone board style with a tapered sound channel, so as to produce a controllable volume and stable pitch in the call. The barrel is "Glodo" in style. This design was used by Victor Glodo of the Reelfoot lake area. This barrel style allows a special treatment of the mouthpiece that makes it easier to blow. Not all the attention is spent on duck calls, Doc also makes two types of goose calls as well. A long reed call with a one piece sound board and a long 9" to 10" flute that is very easy to blow and makes all of the sounds that a flock of geese make.

All "Doc Calls" are numbered and signed. He guarantees his calls for as long as you have the call.

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