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 Carlson Championship Calls

In 1998 Jim James purchased Carlson Championship calls from Wendell Carlson. However this purchase didn't take place over night. Jim spent over a year working with Wendell to learn his hand crafting techniques. Jim has had some major accomplishments using Carlson calls. In 1995 he won the US Open, 1996 he won the World Contest and also took first in the Winchester World Open in 1997. He has won a total of 8 State and Regional World Sanctioned Contests in his competitive career.

CCC calls have made a tremendous impact in the call contests abroad. 4 World Championships, 3 Canadian National Championships and over 200 State and Regional Contests... all in men's division. The accomplishments don't even take into consideration Women's and Junior's Championships. CCC calls are the only call to simultaneously hold both 1st and 2nd place in the World and Canadian National Championships (1991).

To give our readers some history of how these fine calls started we first will take a look at the man who started the process. Wendell Carlson started making duck calls almost 30 years ago. Prior to making calls he was half owner of an electronics business firm which gave him the insight to "build a better mouse trap" as he states. His technical background in electronics has provided the basis for research, development, production and quality control in his call design.

Well over 20 years ago he began developing his copyrighted instructional system as a matter of necessity. To him it didn't make any sense to put out all the necessary technology that is required to create functional, versatile, and stable calls without providing a better instructional system. After doing seminars for a couple of years it became very apparent to him that a better way of instructing call operation was sorely needed.

In addition to making his living at electronics he also sang and played sax for about 20 years. Based on his experience, he believes that musical talent and ability are greatly overrated when it comes to designing consistently functional calls. His focus has been that technology is the answer to that challenge. Wendell states "now that a make sense approach to operational instruction is available, musical ability and training aren't nearly as important as they once were when it comes to learning proper call operation." Instead meaningful instruction is the answer to the puzzle. His example, the 4 gentlemen who have won World Championships with his calls are not musically inclined.


The first World Championship won with a Carlson call was nearly 20 years ago, and before his instructional system had been around long enough for that champion to have become a student. However, the last 3 World Championships, the U.S. Open Championship, and the 3 Canadian National Championships have all been won by serious students of the Carlson instructional system.

To date: CCC duck calls have won 176 World sanctioned State or Regional Championships, (the last 38 of which have been won with VOLOCHOKES), 4 World Championships, 3 Canadian National Championships, the Canadian Calling Classic and the United States Open Championship.

The revolutionary VOLOCHOKEtm design is the result of 25 years of research, development, and proven track record. Volume has always been the most important element of waterfowl calling. Too low, and the birds can't hear you, too loud, and you may scare them away. The VOLOCHOKEtm allows you to cover all ranges of volume. The VOLOCHOKEtm comes complete with 4 thread in chokes for the various volume ranges. Also, included will be a new 90 minute copyrighted instructional audio tape called Mastering Your VOLOCHOKEtm, as well as a full page of information that can help you derive the satisfaction and respect that comes with calling those birds down from the sky.

The VOLOCHOKEIItm which is also available allows you the same super range of calling volume as the VOLOCHOKEtm, but also provides a unique WHISTLE feature for calling the whistling ducks. With this design it is possible to switch from one type of calling to the other very rapidly with very little movement. This feature is especially important to those waterfowlers who hunt pintails. The tape Mastering Your VOLOCHOKEtm is also included with the VOLOCHOKEIItm and covers the operation of the whistle feature.


The EQUALIZER has been purposely designed to be more "ducky", have a little raspier ring, and a somewhat higher pitch than one might expect. This is because of the demands made by the serious waterfowlers and guides that use Carlson calls. They know the old adage, "Get higher and louder than your neighbor!" has merit, if the call is properly operated.

The EQUALIZER, by design, can do all of the things that are necessary to successfully call ducks. The job of the call operator is to be able to get it to do these things, and do them at the right time! Neither proper call operation or the ability to "Read The Birds", so as to know what to say and when to say it, are simple or quick to learn. If they were, there would be a LOT more good callers around than there are now. One thing for sure, you'll be no better than your instrument and instruction allow you to become.

The EQUALIZER when ordered comes with a 60 minute audio tape of meaningful operational information. Then new tape is called THE CARLSON COMPACT CALLING COURSE. The purpose of this copyrighted instructional information is to help you better understand what you are doing and thus become better at the skills involved in quality call operation. Forget about what you think calling instruction consists of and take a fresh NEW look at what Wendell Carlson has successfully taught for 20 years.

Becoming a good waterfowl caller is just like learning any other subject. It takes proper equipment and instruction, both of which you can now have.

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