Name: Greg Keats
Address: 1002 Taft Street; Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-279-7086 Fax:

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 Greg Keats Custom Calls

The musical instrument quality Duck and Goose calls that Greg Keats produces are handmade and hand tuned from only the finest natural materials on a limited production basis only. These materials are chosen for their fine tonal qualities and appearance. Greg’s calls will deliver a superlative note as well as the range needed to speak Goose and Duck fluently, and be EASY to use as well. The exclusive use of musical grade wood and other natural materials such as horn and bone, guarantees that you have the finest handmade product - made one at a time by Greg (just remember that inherent flaws in mass produced calls are mass reproduced).

The call making process is somewhat straightforward and most of Greg's calls are made using the following processes. First an appropriate material is chosen for the call and rough cut into blanks. The selection of material is vast and diverse, but through careful manipulation, Greg feels that all of the desirable tonal qualities for a call can be brought to almost any natural material. The blanks are then bored to precision tolerances and allowed to rest, this ensures that any internal stresses have been relieved, thus helping to prevent movement in service. After the rest period, the blanks are checked for movement and unsatisfactory blanks are rejected and bandsawed apart to prevent their inadvertent use. Greg then turns and sands the barrel and stopper by hand, one at a time, as with all handmade products, no two are exactly the same. The parts come right off the lathe and are placed into the stabilization tank. The stabilization is a proprietary process, used to preserve the integrity of the wood and enhance it's grain patterns.

When Greg has determined that the wood is thoroughly saturated with the stabilizing materials, by destructive testing, it is removed to dry and harden. At this point the call is finish sanded and the finishing treatments applied.

Recently, Greg's use of Acrylic monomer preservation has yielded 100% stable woods that have superlative tonal qualities. The woods used in this process are of the highest quality, exhibition grade, and make the most beautiful and realistic sounding call. Unfortunately the fancy wood and extreme expense of this acrylic stabilization makes the call very expensive to produce. On the positive side, there is no finer material for making a call available today, and the finished product will truly last "forever".

The tone boards/inserts are made on precision tooling, from Rosewoods or stabilized hardwoods. This prevents absorption of moisture during use and the subsequent tonal changes and reed "sticking". The reeds are made of medical grade petrochemical polymer materials, hand cut and tuned to the user's specifications or the tonal qualities of the barrel/stopper combination.

On September 19, 1997, Greg participated in the International Callmakers Contest & Exhibit. This was not a calling contest where competitors are judged on their calling ability, it is a call makers contest where one professional caller blows all of the calls. Over 140 calls were are judged on the basis of sound and appearance. Greg’s calls won 1st place in Goose Calls and 2nd place in Duck Calls. What better way to determine a call’s ability, than to judge it against others in this manner - not against another person but against other calls.

You will find that Greg’s calls are very easy to master, make a complete range of notes, and are amazingly realistic sounding. If you consider yourself a beginner, Greg’s calls will make learning much easier, and if you are a good caller, these calls will make you sound like a pro.

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