Name: Marcus Keith
Address: 4352 FM 3357; Winnsboro, TX 75494
Phone: 903-365-7359 Fax:
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 Cutt Down Game Calls

CUTT DOWN GAME CALLS (CDGC) is owned and operated by Marcus Keith. Marcus began hunting as a teenager back in the late 70's, in the various terrain throughout East Texas. This hunting passion has stayed with him and has inspired the design of a line of game calls that a great number of waterfowl enthusiasts, hunters, and competition callers are turning to across the United States.

Being a die-hard duck hunter, Marcus had tried just about every call for waterfowl there was on the market. All of them were good; but he wanted realism and endurance in a call that would withstand all hunting situations. He wanted these calls to be able to withstand the frozen marshes, flooded fields, and all the elements. With this in mind, he set out to design duck calls and later goose calls that would work in any hunting condition. The first thing was to make a better duck call… a duck call that will still work when the temperatures are below zero. One that will not stick, lock up, squeal, or be prone to freeze. Since it seldom gets zero degrees in Texas, he had to travel to Canada and other northern states like North and South Dakota to do some field testing.

With this personal testing, and a multitude of positive customer's testimonials, Marcus knew he had made the best duck call possible. A call that is user friendly (easiest to blow and sound good on), one that withstands the elements and keeps on going and blowing, (just like the Energizer bunny) in the adverse conditions that come with waterfowl hunting.

Marcus is an engineer, injection molder, an addicted waterfowler, and accomplished caller/call maker. He has poured his talents and ingenuity into making what many waterfowl enthusiasts believe to be some of the best calls on the market! He offers the custom calls and injection-molded commercial grade calls that are getting unbelievable response in the waterfowl industry.
Currently, the custom calls are being built out of either acrylic, cocobolo, or osage orange (hedge) exotic woods. Acrylic calls are available in variety of colors. Calls can be viewed and / or purchased online at his website above.

If you are interested in the calls, or in becoming a dealer or distributor of these calls, please contact Marcus Keith at 877-288-3966 or by email:

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