Name: Don Knight
Address: Rt. 6 Box 911; Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
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 DoubleDuck Custom Calls

Growing up with a father in the military, kept Don on the move at an early age. So when the opportunity to go hunting presented itself, Don was right by his father’s side. Hunting in those early days consisted mostly of squirrel hunting. When Don entered the 10th grade his father retired from the air force and they moved back to Omaha Texas. While in high school, Don spent much of his spare time dove and deer hunting and some occasional duck hunting. Don eventually meet an old duck hunter at work that introduced him to more than just the jump-shooting and running the river that he was use to. Big on Yentzen and Dwight Thomas duck calls, the old duck hunter showed him the ropes of calling and decoying ducks. Now 20 years later, Don has become extremely proficient at calling and enjoys spending his hunting seasons working mallards down through the timber in the Texas bottoms.

Don became interested in call making like many call makers do, the desire to find a duck call that has greater range and versatility. After reading an old magazine article about Stuttgart AR, he happened upon a call maker by the name of Billy Starks. Immediately he made a phone call and ordered one of Mr. Starks rebel calls. Unfortunately Mr. Starks stated it would be several months before he started production again, so Don decided to try his hand at making one by himself.

By nature Don was a habitual tinker and piddler, so he looked forward to the challenge. Designing the tone board became the biggest obstacle over the two-year trial and error process. He would often turn to advice from Billy Starks, but through determination and patience he prevailed. Don stated it seemed as if he had literally gone through a truckload of wood to come up with a design that he was happy with. Now five years later Don is proud to offer both a single and double reed Arkansas style duck call.

Single reed calls offer a full range of sound from the highballs to the low raspy quacks and his double reeds are one of the easiest to blow. Don’s calls are made from a variety of woods with Bois d’arc being his favorite. Don feels is easy to turn on the lathe, and it will produce a rich ducky sound. Don also turns acrylic calls in a variety of colors. Each call is ringed with a brass band, has a tapered mouthpiece and has a cut in lanyard grove. All of Don’s calls are handmade by him and hopefully his sons when he passes this call making tradition down. Don offers a 100% guarantee on each call and he is willing to work with anyone for a truly custom sound.

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