Name: Grover Knoll
Address: 527 N. Main; Clarendon, AR 72029
Phone: 870-747-5491 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Cache River Duckall

"Striving to be The Worlds Finest Duck Call"

When it comes to making duck calls the name Grover Knoll and Quality go hand in hand. These calls are some of the finest calls I have ever had the chance to own and blow. In addition to making a quality call Grover is a true gentlemen and an enjoyable person to talk with. Grover grew up in duck hunting country around Stuttgart Arkansas and is an active waterfowl hunter. He is an accomplished hunter/caller and understands what it takes to make a quality call.

Call making started for Grover Knoll in 1953 while a high school student. Grover made everything he used including the lathe that he still has (although now in storage). While raising a family he got out of the call making routine until 1993 but never lost the interest in making calls. It was at this time that he became a serious call maker. Grover’s calls are produced in very limited quantities. The goal is to make one call per day, that’s it. With all the hunters out there these calls are purchased quickly.

The calls are made today mostly of Acrylic. This medium was chosen for several reasons. It’s hard, stable and the tone of Acrylic calls is easier to duplicate then those made from wood. Although wood calls are still available most of the calls made today are of acrylic. Grover makes special purchases of acrylic material in a variety colors that he feels looks the best in calls and offers a wide selection. These range from Green, Red, Ivory, Black, Both a light and dark Blue, Clear, Copper and Dark Smoke. The woods available are Blackwood ,Ebony, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, Hedge and Cedar to name just a few. The calls are Arkansas in style with Mylar reeds.

A great deal of time was spent in the development of these calls. Through the calls evolution Grover believed that the call needed to handle the low tones and allow a smooth transition to the high end. In developing the call Grover designed four reeds that are self centering. With these reeds they are capable of establishing the increase in the raspy tone of the call. Depending on the desires of the hunters needs a reed can be fitted to the call to achieve just the right sounds.

Knolls calls are dubbed "Duckalls". This one call can do it all, form a loud high ringing hail call to the low whimper of a feed call without running you out of air.

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