Name: Patrick H. Lenderman
Address: 6190 Hwy. 135N; Paragould, AR 72450
Phone: 870-476-1667 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Timber Mallard Championship Duck Calls

Patrick H. Lenderman is currently a college student who’s love of the outdoors and waterfowl hunting has peaked into making his own calls. Like most call makers his business started as a hobby. He began making calls for himself and his hunting friends doing little if any advertising.

As with most quality call makers that quickly grew and today he’s currently making about 150 calls annually. His hobby has grown into a full time business.

The calls made are all hand turned and tuned. They are of a single read design and fitted with the customers choice of a Mylar or a poly reed material. Patrick uses die cut inserts to insure the accuracy of his work and assure the repeatability of the product. Calls of the Arkansas style and single reed design. Some of the wood used are Cocobolo, Hedge (Osage Orange), Ebony, African Blackwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Kingwood, Padouk, Zebrawood, Zircote, Diamondwood as well as man made plastic and other engineered polymers. Patrick will also work up special designed calls at the customers request. With supplied information or pictures Patrick will turn desired shapes that fit the customers wishes.

Finishes are applied in two parts the first are applied while on the lathe followed by hand coats that are rubbed out and polished to a gloss finish. Patrick's pride in his work is seen in his expectations for product quality.

Each call comes with a lifetime guarantee. If anything should go wrong the adjustments need are done or the call replaced free of charge. Any hunter should be more then happy with this type of arrangement.

In addition to the calls Patrick also produces a line of custom lanyards and game lanyards. He is a member of the "Custom Callmakers and Collectors Association of America" as well as Ducks Unlimited. His work is often donated to DU to further the advancement of waterfowl and wetland conservation.

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