Name: Russell Mace
Address: 7747 Sandra Way; Midvale, UT 84047
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 Wild Goose Game Calls

Wild Goose Game Calls come with years of hunting experience behind them. Russell Mace has been hunting waterfowl for over 50 years. He began by jump shooting ducks and geese along rivers and sloughs. He comments that when he started hunting he was using a side by side with paper shells. Thirty years ago he learned that ducks and geese could be decoyed and called into the blind. This put Russell in search of the perfect call. At around this same time he obtained an airboat. The boat provides a way to get away from the hunting pressured areas and into waters where the birds could be worked.

Russell learned that his calling ability was just a little lacking. Through tapes and practice he honed his skills as a caller and improved his techniques. His son now of hunting age became his best companion and hunting buddy ever since.

As long as he has been hunting waterfowl, Russell has been involved in making guns stocks and woodworking. His son an experienced and award winning wood carver brought yet another dimension to the pairs talents.

They figured with their backgrounds that it would be a natural to make their own calls. They also figured it was going to be easy. Much to their surprise it wasn't. After a hundred or more calls later they got a design they liked and figured they knew what it would take to make a quality call.

This involved understanding the shape of the tone boards, internal chamber sizes and to the shape and thickness of the reeds. It all played on making the call right. Today they produce three calls, two goose calls and a single reed duck call.

The goose calls are a flute type call and a short reed call. The duck is a single reed caller. Russell feels that a hunter needs more then one type of call to work the conditions he faces when he goes into the field. Different conditions require a different approach and the two types of goose calls help to meet those needs. It's these simple changes that can make a good day of hunting into a great day.

The airboat was named the Wild Goose in honor of the bird, Russell and his son so loved to call and hunt. When they started to make calls what a more fitting name as well, "Wild Goose Game Calls".

The wood used in making Wild Goose Game Calls is mainly Cocobolo, Bocote, Maple, Rosewood, Thuya Burl and other fine and exotic hardwoods as they become available. Tone boards are produced from Cocobolo and Blackwood because of their excellent tonal ability. Goose tone boards are set in a brass barrel, which produces a constant tone quality and mechanical anchor.

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