Name: Herbert Ohley (DECEASED MARCH 24, 2016)
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 Quackassassin Calls

Herb Ohley was born in raised in Alton Illinois. Happily married for over 30 years he and his wife have raised a son and daughter while he spent his working career managing home centers. He is a member and supporter of organizations that include the CCAA, NRA, DU and MWHI. The city of Alton is located in western IL, and nestled against the mighty Mississippi River. Waterfowl hunting is prime though this Mississippi flyaway and Herb has taken his fair share of birds in an area known as Stump Lake. His hunting experience expands over 36 years and includes a variety of other small game to include squirrel, dove, deer and turkey.

In January of 2001 Herb was diagnosed with a serious illness. His road to recovery was long and drawn out and left him with a lot of idle time on his hand. Activities like hunting had to take a back seat during his recovery, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming about those early morning duck hunts. While recuperating, he found himself spending time one day organizing his vast collection of accumulated duck calls, something true waterfowl hunters can quickly relate to. As Herb sorted and organized he thought to himself how interesting it would be if he made a duck call of his own. It didn’t take long as this one-day idea would turn into a newfound hobby for Herb.

With the help of Herb’s son, the name “Quackassassin” would quickly become the official name for his calls. Ironically it is the same name as his e-mail handle. His ability to turn wood came quite naturally, however there were many questions that needed to be answered as he began. This is where he turned to message forums on the Internet like Custom Calls Online and Miss Mallard. From both of these websites he was able to find the answers to many of his questions. If he couldn’t find the information, posting a question always yielded numerous replies from call makers abroad that enjoyed helping a fellow call maker.

Over the years Herb has perfected the look, style and sound that would make his calls what they are today. Several of his favorite woods to work with include: Cocobola, African Blackwood, Bocote, and Osage Orange. He primarily uses these woods to make inserts because they offer excellent sound qualities. He prefers other woods like Lignum Vitae, Olive Wood, Tulip Wood and Birds’s Eye Maple for his barrels because they give give his calls a unique look and one that stands out.

Herb produces approximately 50 handmade Arkansas style calls each year. He also offers calls that have wood barrels and poly inserts and frequently sells them on the Internet. Checkering and laminated calls are in the prototype stages right now, and he hopes to offer these in the near future.

For now, call making is just an enjoyable hobby for Herb. He has entered several of his calls in the NWTF call competitions and intends on doing the same with the CCAA competitions. Although placing in these competitions is a goal he hopes to achieve, his greater rewards have come as he gives his calls to young hunters and is able to watch their expressions of excitement.

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