Name: Scott Schroder
Address: 2716 Red Fawn Court; Racine, WI 53406
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Scott Schroder's Custom Calls

Scott Schroder was born in Davenport Iowa in 1954 and grew up in Rock Island Illinois. One quick look at the map and it will tell you this is the heart of excellent duck country. This location in dead in the middle of the Mississippi flyway. Since the age of eight Scott has hunted the backwaters of the Mississippi. Having learned to call ducks at an early age Scotts inspiration to make calls came from Lenus O'Dean, a legendary callmaker from Rock Island.

The calls Scott makes are produced from fine grade hardwoods. Each blank is selected carefully for its beauty and sound quality. The calls are Arkansas style using a mylar reed hand tuned for each tone board insert. These calls have it all when it comes to sound. They are capable of the loudest of high ball calls to the softest of clucks. In addition to duck calls he also makes an excellent conventional goose call and a wood duck call as well. Scott likes producing matched set’s of calls. Each set has a Woody call, Duck call and a Goose call. These calls have one honors for best call set at both the first annual Contemporary Callmakers Show in Milwaukee Wisconsin, 1996 and the 1997 Call Makers and Collectors Association’s annual competition in St. Charles IL. in 1997.

Each of Scott’s calls holds his trade mark. On one side of the call you can find a wood burned mallard curl feather and the other a light relief carved flying or standing duck. Goose calls and Wood Duck calls also have the burned feather but is related to the type of call. Goose calls have a tail feather and Woody calls a side pocket feather.

Always on the look out for excellent quality woods for his barrels, Scott strives to obtain the best and most beautiful materials available. All the tone board inserts however are made from Cocobolo or Macassar Ebony. He finds these woods to sound the best and to be the most stable.

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