Name: Johnny Sellers
Address: 2731 Cloverdale Road; Obion, TN 38240
Phone: 731-538-9106 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Sellers Game Calls

Johnny Sellers was born and raised in Cloverdale Tennessee located just outside of Obion. Duck hunting for the Sellers family seemed part of the norm and at the early age of 10, Johnny starting duck hunting with his father and uncles on the Obion bottoms and Reelfoot Lake. While growing up Johnny learned just how fortunate he was to live close to such a historical place as Reelfoot. Reelfoot, known for the abundance of waterfowl that visit it every year and the great names of call makers such as Glodo, Cochran and Turpin would through the years make an impression in Johnny’s mind.

From the first time Johnny’s grandfather hung a duck call over his crib Johnny took an interested in these fine musical instruments. Of course back then duck calls were just merely a loud toy to play with. But as time went by he began to understand the purpose of these instruments and why his father and uncles treated them with such care. Now thirty years later Johnny finds himself following in the footsteps of these great call makers whose names are often associated with Reelfoot Lake and the place he grew up hunting around.

Johnny has been making calls since 1994. Prior to starting he worked on perfecting a jig that he would use for his calls. Johnny states it took some time but after 3 iterations of making jigs he finally found one he liked. His unique style of calls is modeled after the checkering and carving that is found on many of the old Reelfoot duck calls. Johnny gives credit to the old style custom call maker EL Quinn who taught him how to become proficient in checkering and carving.

Today, Johnny makes several styles of calls that include Reelfoot Lake metal reed and also 11/16 big bore Arkansas Style. All of his calls are hand made in either single reed, which is his most popular, or double reed. Plain style, brass banded, 2 panel checkered 4 panel checkered and carved are just a few of the styles that can be requested when customers order. His favorite wood to work with is grandillo, but others include, walnut, cherry, bodac, persimmon, ebony and purpleheart. Each call is also signed and dated. Johnny produces around 150 to 200 calls annual and he is always open to special request by customers who give him advanced notice.

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