Name: Reid Threadgill
Address: 471 Meadowbrook Circle; Lexington, TN 38351
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 Reid Threadgill Custom Calls

Reid Threadgill began duck hunting with his father and brother in the early 60's on the Tennessee River. Hunting pressure was not heavy in those days and their blinds were spread over many miles up and down the middle portion of the river or Kentucky Lake as you may know it. This portion of Kentucky Lake can have fluctuations in level up to 25 feet which can make for some interesting hunting. You can hunt mud flats one day and flooded fields or timber the next. This also means you must be able to call ducks under varying conditions.

This is where Reid learned to call. Beginning at the age of 7 he learned on an old Dixie Mallard call made by Chick Major. He was allowed to call with the men and watch how the ducks reacted. Sometimes he hit a wrong or loud note at the wrong time on the wrong day that resulted in the ducks going away and a strong scolding from his father. This was also another lesson learned in the education of a duck caller. It seemed that no matter how well the ducks were flying, at some point in the day Reid's father would find a reason to be out of the blind. This allowed Reid and his brother David a chance to do it on their own.

A few years later Reid married and as luck would have it his wife's grandfather had a garage full of woodworking equipment. With kids on the way and not much money this was a cheap hobby that soon turned to an obsession. Making furniture soon gave way to carving ducks and, in 1985, Reid's attention turned to duck calls.

Reid Threadgill Custom Calls were two years in development. While the process has been refined to achieve consistent quality these calls are still made one at a time by Reid himself.

Reid makes a true custom call to your specs. A single reed Arkansas style is the only call offered simply because Reid believes it to be the best option available for a duck hunter. Reid will make a call for you out of whatever wood you request as long as it does not impair the integrity of the call. Carving and checkering is available if requested. Again this is done by hand by Reid himself. Reid offers a money back Guarantee on every call he sells. Free tuning is also available for as long as you own the call.

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