Name: Tommy Toon (DECEASED APRIL 07, 2015)
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 Tommy Toon's Custom Duck & Goose Calls

Tommy Toon hails from South Fulton Tennessee and hunts in the area of Reelfoot Lake. His interest in wood- working and waterfowl hunting joined forces as Tommy got interested in making calls. Tommy wanted to make a quality call that the average hunter could afford for both duck and goose hunters. With all the great calls on the market he felt that the prices for many of these were just to high for the average hunter.

Toon produces about 75 to 100 calls annually and has been actively making calls since 1984. Each call make is signed and numbered. Woods used include Cocobolo, African rosewood and osage orange. His favorite wood is Cocobolo since he uses it for over 90% of all the calls he makes. It produces the best tone and is the most stable of all the woods he uses.

The call produces a rich smooth high pitched raspy tone. He will however tailor the call to the customers desired expectations. The calls are of the Arkansas style and his goose calls are the short reed honker style. Both contain plastic reeds. One interesting fact about Toon’s calls is that he guarantees them for the life of the original owner for their workmanship. If you don’t like your call, simply return the call and it will be fixed, replace or the cost refunded.

Whether you are a hunter, collector or both you will be satisfied with these calls. A collectors grade call is made of the finest selected imported woods with tacked brass banding. Selected wood grain patterns and extra fine tuning make this a truly beautiful call.

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