Name: Jim Weaver
Address: 2669 Mayflower Road; Haughton, LA 71037
Phone: 318-742-6858 Fax:
Personal Website:

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Jim Weaver is a man that simply loves to hunt ducks. He never seems to get enough of this sport. A retired Deputy Police Chief from the Bossier City Police Department in Louisiana Jim now spend much of his spare time hunting and fishing in the Lake Charles area of Cameron Parish.

Jim started making duck calls while in high school. His interest never seamed to go away and today he produces a very high end custom call named the "Duck Setter". This custom piece of folk art is not just beautiful but also a utilitarian tool in the hands of skilled caller.

A review of Jim’s call in the American Hunter in October of 1993 raves of it’s quality, ability, style and calling prowess. These double reed calls are designed to hunt. The calls are made of Cocobolo, an imported Latin American Hard Wood, and hand finished to a wonderful luster. Being a custom call Jim Weaver will tune his call to the customers hunting situation and needs.

Jim always had the desire to make his own calls that worked so he could say he did it himself. This hobby turned profession requires a skilled and delicate hand. Jim feels there is something special about being successful with a product you designed yourself. He had a two fold objective in making calls. First, the desire to produce a call that was as good and if not better at calling ducks then anyone else’s calls. Secondly he wanted to produce a call that was a valued treasure to it’s owner. Jim feels he has done that. The secret in the call is the wood. The Cocobolo used ( in most of the calls made) has the unique sounds that give both a raspy, wheezy sound that sounds like a real duck. In addition the fine grains of the wood produce the wonderful beauty and finishes of these calls. This wood has a natural oily finish to it the polishes well and that same oil helps avoid the call from freezing up sticking in bad weather.

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