Name: Jay Nistetter
Address: PMB-422, 1928 East Highland Avenue, Ste F-104; Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 623-979-2563 Fax:
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 Rhino Calls

Jay started to make calls with an interest in whistles when he was a boy. A man showed him how to make a whistle using scrap metal found near the railroad. It was an early discovery that the neighbor's dogs and cats were attracted to the whistle's sound. Jay tells of attracting a coyote one day while using the whistle. This experience while frightening at the time, fueled his interest and fascination with calls. Over the years Jay has developed a great respect for those sportsmen and women who successfully use them to their advantage.

Jay produces a fair number of predator calls. He’s been making them since about 1990. They started as totally hand carved, whittled, creations done in his spare time. Even early calls worked. The sounds produced were just different enough to attract predators even in areas that had heavy calling pressures from others. Wood is the favorite material. The tones and sound generated from the density and resonant quality of this medium is thought to be much better then that of plastic.

As time progressed Jay purchased a lathe and started to make calls from exotic and special hardwoods. He has made duck calls in the past but has recently switched his focus to the predator call line.

His calls are a one piece design utilizing a plastic reed in a stainless steel reed housing. The present body style took over two years to develop (and Jay adds several trees worth of wood). Jay feels he has achieved the sounds he was looking for and a call that is truly easy to blow and master.

These calls are all hand done and not mass produced or duplicated. Production is limited to about 150 calls a year. Included in this figure are calls donated to organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Arizona Predator Calling Championships and other promotional purposes. Calls available for sale are limited.

It's Jays love of the hunt that drives the interest in his calls. When he can not get away he enjoys creating the calls used by others and hearing the stories that come back to him about the hunts his calls have been on.

Jay’s calls are marketed under the trade name "Rhino Calls". He currently makes 2 models of calls. They are the 05Flare and the Brass Rhino. There is a wonderful Multi-page flyer available from Jay that goes into detail on all the variation and woods available. Contact him for more information and pricing.

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