Name: Larry Barnes
Address: 8704 Hornets Nest Road; Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Phone: 301-447-6560 Fax:
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 Barnes Brothers Turkey Calls

For the past 40 plus years Larry Barnes has spent time in the woods hunting. He is from and old farm family the settled in the Fredrick Maryland area and has lived there all his life. Having been raised on the farm and living this life style there becomes a connection to the land like no other. When you are in an environment all your life you become a part of it as it becomes a part of you. Being surround by wildlife gives you the ability to study it and learn as much as possible. Turkey’s are just that for Larry. He watches and learns from two separate flocks that live in close to his home. He sees what they do, listens to what they say and can try his calls out on the real McCoy.

Larry gave me this account that I think is most fitting:

“I have learned about game animals in the way a farmer learns about his herd, that is being around them everyday. This gives me plenty of opportunities to experiment with my calls”

Larry and his brother Cletus got involved in turkey call making be more accident then anything. They were at an auction at a milling company and one of the items up for bid were parts that were had for use in turkey calls. They purchased the supplies and the balance of the stock. This created the basis for their new founded business. Between them they have over 60 years of woodworking experience and figure this is a good way to put all that knowledge to work.

The goal for their calls is produce a high quality yet no frills call field call, in cherry and walnut, that has excellent tone. At the same time their call would look good sitting on any coffee table. They have been at this now for two years and enjoy call-making calls very much. Although their marketing is just starting they plan on doing a number of shows in the future. Their good old farm boy philosophies are centered on using the materials from around farm that is natural to their surroundings. They are not interested in making mass produced calls, but rather enjoy selling them through personal transactions, or through their web site. They just feel it’s easier doing business with people you know.

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