Name: Gary Campanie
Address: 282 Middle Road; Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-363-5179 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Gary L. Campanie Turkey Calls

Gary has crafted his own turkey calls since 1989, as long as he has been hunting turkeys. When Gary first started hunting turkeys in Central New York there was only one store in town that sold calls and they only sold one style of call. This fact and his love of woodworking prompted Gary to try his hand at turkey call making. He has been refining his calls ever since. The box call is his forte but he has experimented with many other calls.

Gary has used many types of wood from colorful hardwoods including purpleheart, cocobolo, bocote, and padauk to traditional North American woods including walnut, butternut, and red elm to name a few. Some of his favorite woods are cypress, osage orange and dyed laminated birch. All calls crafted by Gary are signed and numbered, and each is truly one-of-a-kind.

Gary has won 26 ribbons in the last three years at NWTF’s decorative box call competition. Last year in Nashville Gary won 1st, 2nd, and honorable mention in the laminated and inlaid category. In his book, “Turkey Callmakers Past and Present The Rest of The Best”, Earl Mickel says “I have seen no other laminated calls that display better workmanship.”

When Gary is not hunting Turkeys he likes to bow-hunt deer which he has done for 34 years. He has fashioned several longbows and take down re-curves along with arrows, strings and quivers.

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