Name: Don Carter
Address: 382 Beech Bay Road; Roper, NC 27970
Phone: 252-793-3810 Fax:
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 Singin Sams Turkey Calls

Don began hunting turkeys in North Carolina in 1968 when that state had its first spring season. He used a box call that his father had made for him. In 1978 Don began making his own calls. Don makes three types or styles of calls. The box call, wing bones and Terrapin shell slate calls.

The box calls are double sided in design and are made with a variety of woods. Some of the favorites are walnut, cedar, poplar, cherry, American Chestnut, maple, black locust mahogany and two South American Woods, Brazilian Rubber wood and Eucalyptus. Don makes a variety of special laminated box calls that feature unique inlays and his newest box calls are now laser engraved on the lids.

Don's wing bones are the three-bone design. Don feels these produce the tones and the most volume. They are excellent for making yelps, clucks, cackles and with lots of practice the tuff kee-kee run and the cut. Don will also make a wing bone for you from your bones as well.

The turtle shell calls are made from box turtle shells that Don finds while hunting deer and turkeys. Don does not harvest live turtles but looks for those shells he finds from expired turtles. These are often in a very limited supply. Don uses a Plexiglas striking plate and makes strikers from different woods to produce a variety of different tones.

The talents of this craftsman are not just limited to making calls. He also makes a special display case for calls as well. This glass covered curio table stores your calls or other collectibles safely and yet they are still visible. This fine piece of furniture makes not only a great storage display case but will also serve as a coffee table as well. These tables have two drawers with a glass top. The curio is 23" by 37" and is large enough to hold quite a few of your favorite calls. They can be made from just about any wood species.

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