Name: Randy Clark
Address: 476 6th Street; Grampian, PA 16838
Phone: 814-236-2690 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Clark Calls

If you every meet Randy Clark in person, you will quickly learn he has a passion for the wild turkey, whether he is hunting, or just watching them in the field. This love of turkeys has ultimately lead him to the next best thing that keeps him connected year around. The art of making turkey calls.

Randy lives with his wife and two children in a small community called Grampian in central Pennsylvania. He spent much of his early childhood deer hunting with his father and grandfather. His first introduction to turkey hunting started in the early 1980's and one day in the field was all it took to become addicted. When Randy first started he quickly bought every gadget on the market pertaining to turkeys and turkey hunting. It wasn't until his 3rd year into the sport that he shot his first bird, a fall hen. The following spring, he got his first gobbler after calling in 5 different birds to chose from.

Randy started making calls in the mid 90's, but states his call making ability came about by accident. Looking to make a call to his own liking he built one and took it to Potter County and called in a Jake on opening day. Mesmerized by what had just happened he opted not to even shoot the Jake, but instead left the hunt with an array of ideas on making turkey calls.

In the beginning, Randy often became frustrated because finding quality materials was like finding a needle in a haystack. Eventually a close friend turned him onto a source of quality slate and this was the crucial turning point in his call making. After two long years of trial and error he discovered both a sound and design he would be happy with. Today, Randy's calls are much different than the first calls he made. Each call is designed with an elaborate inlay around the cup, professionally hand painted, and is signed, dated and numbered. This total process takes Randy approximately 10 hours to complete.

Randy's calls go by the name "Clark Calls". Every call that leaves his shop is one that he would personally use to hunt with himself. They are good looking as well as good sounding. No two calls are alike in sound or looks and each call is tailored for the hunter as well as the collector.

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