Name: Cameron Clover & Bill Hoeper
Address: 236 NW U.S. 50 West; Centerview, MO 64019
Phone: 660-747-4804 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 C&H Custom Horns and Hardwoods

When Bill Hoeper and Cameron Clover meet each other, they never imagined they would be in business together. Now, five years later "C&H Custom Horns and Hardwoods" was started and operating as a joint partnership between these two gentlemen. Neither of the two knew each other before that time. Bill grew up on the west side of Missouri by Kansas City, while Cameron was raised on the opposite side of the State by St. Louis. Today, Bill is still employed at the lawn mover manufacturing company where they meet in 1995 and Cameron has since moved on to become an industrial arts teacher. Prior to starting the partnership, Bill and Cameron quickly learned that they had two things in common, a love for woodworking and a passion for hunting.

Cameron's woodworking experience was gained by the time he spent turning bowls and goblets and building cabinets. Bill on the other hand, spent most of his time in the shop building furniture and tinkering with various types of game calls. Together they have over 25 years of woodworking experience. This coupled with 40 years of hunting experience just seemed like the perfect combination to start "C&H Custom Horns and Hardwoods".

Located in Centerview Missouri this small company has a lot to offer to both the hunter and the call maker. There are a variety of calls offered for just about all types of hunting. Whether your looking for a duck call, goose call, turkey call, or even predator, elk and deer calls, C&H makes them. Duck calls are made from a variety of woods that include, osage orange, walnut, bocota, cocabolo, maple and even deer antler. These calls not only look good but also provide the caller the ability to hit the raspy notes all the way up to the high ball. Turkey calls come in a variety of grades from the standard field grade up to the limited collectors edition.

In addition to the calls that they sell C&H also offers a laser engraving service. They use high quality equipment and can duplicate the most demanding of artwork. They also offer a design service for you and can work with you to enhance your work to make it the most appealing. No job is too small for them and they are interested in helping. Currently C&H is doing work for many of the top custom call makers in the country. They can work on both flat as well as round surfaces.

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