Name: Dave Constantine
Address: P.O. Box 8; Mondovi Rt. 4; Durand, WI 54736
Phone: 715-875-4546 Fax:
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 Timber Warden Game Calls

When it comes to making turkey calls Dave Constantine is among an elite few that transcend call making into the art realm. Although all calls fit into the folk art category the works Dave produces are often unique and one of a kind. From truly individual designs to the presentation of the call itself with artist habitats and life like surroundings these Constantine calls are highly prized by collectors from around the country.

Dave has had an interest in art since childhood. As a young boy he would use paper and pen to capture nature. He recorded the things he found in the field. He not only makes calls but also fine woodcarvings. During the 70’s Dave studied art in college but found the realistic wildlife art that he truly enjoyed wasn’t well thought of by his teachers. Rather then to change what he did he left and went out on his own. In recent years he has won numerous awards at the National Wild Turkey Federation annual conventions with his art as well as other carving shows around the country. Dave works in both three-dimensional works in wood and as a refined flat artist as well.

Dave and his wife Nancy live in Durand Wisconsin with their two sons Aaron and Adam. The creativity does not end with his carvings or his calls. His family lives in a log home that they built themselves. It wasn’t a kit, they cut and sawed all the logs themselves.

Dave's talents have also resulted in his newest creation. The new "Beer Belly" call which was unveiled at the Midwest working box call competition. It received 1st place for best overall sound and a perfect score from all 5 judges. This call is a premier field-grade call, signed, numbered and with a "born-on" date.

His fancy calls range from carved box calls, friction call, unique locator calls to yelpers and terrapin calls. If it will call a turkey Dave’s done it.

Its not all just making calls and art. Dave enjoys the outdoors and the time spent turkey hunting as well. He has been hunting turkey since 1974 and has over 100 adult gobbler kills. He guides in and around his area and has a 90% success record. He is a calling judge and teaches several advanced turkey hunting workshops every year.

In the short space available here it’s hard to say enough about this artist. For more information on Dave Constantine and his calls visit his detail web site or contact him direct at the address above.

Other calls from Dave Constantine The "Timber Warden" Custom Grunt Call is handmade from native North American hardwoods. They will not freeze-up or stick like many commercial calls do. Each call is tuned to perfection with variable volume and tone.

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