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 There's No End Game Calls

One of the interesting things about collecting turkey calls is that every once in a while you come across a totally new idea. That’s the case with There’s No End Game Calls. This novel idea has never been tried before and was awarded it’s inventor and maker, Nathan DeGroot, a US Patent (D417166) in November 1999. Nathan lives with his wife and family in Cowlesville, NY.

Nathan has enjoyed the outdoors and hunting for the past 27 years and is also musically inclined. He wanted to bring the art of music into the art of hunting so he developed and invented a turkey box call which would allow you to produce the musical notes of the live turkey’s yelps, clucks and purrs. This unique designed features a double-sided call that has an open end toward the back. This open end creates more sound manipulation. The theory is the sides of the box act as reeds.

The reed is held tight on one end and is open or loose on the other. Nathan reports this allows the call to have a longer range in it’s tone by using the full length of the reed and the paddle. The call will produce a high pitch to a raspy ending yelp. These calls are made from Red Oak and are hand crafted. They are sure to be durable and stay tuned longer then most calls on the market today.

Each call is numbered in the order that they are made and tuned to perfection. Your call will come packaged with a very nice reusable camouflage pouch, chalk, sandpaper and tuning tips to keep your call in top performance. Nathan has named his call the "Ruler". It has a ruler design on the cover that can be used to measure your trophy. Nathan also feels that by using his call you can become the "Ruler" of the woods as well.

The Ruler didn’t come about overnight. Nathan has developed the design and has been field-testing it for five years. Close friends and family members have been taking mature Toms and having great success using this call. As of the spring of 2000 the secret of this call was let out of the bag as Nathan DeGroot for the first time offered the calls for sale. He reports many excellent commentaries on how exciting these calls are to the birds as compared to other calls in the woods today.

Make sure to visit Nathan’s web page (linked above) and download the video clips to see just how well this call works. He can be contacted through his web page.

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