Name: Darin Gaus
Address: State Highway 156; Box 25AA; Ewing, MO 63440
Phone: 573-494-3349 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Grassy Creek Game Calls

Darin Gaus started turkey hunting at the age of 14 while living on the family farm that he still calls home. This taste for the turkeys stayed with him and he has become an avid fan.


“I remember driving down the road by our house and seeing turkeys out in the field.” That’s where it all started for Darin. He figured right then and there that he was going to hunt those turkeys. Now in his 30’s he won’t miss a season. He schedules his vacation around the spring season and spends as much time as possible in the woods. Darin likes spring hunting the best because of the strong interaction between the hunter and the bird. Hearing the Gobbles, calling back to the birds and just being in the woods are all a real thrill for him.

When he started turkey hunting he used commercial calls available in the local sporting goods stores. But a few years ago he got the bug to make and call up a bird with a call he made. Like most, he experimented with ideas and material till he found what he liked. What was developed was a friction call that features a copper playing surface and “Grassy Creek Calls” was started. Although the first calls made were wood Darin quickly changed over to a plastic part for the main parts of the call. It is his feeling that the plastic produces a rich louder sound. Each of the calls comes with a pair of strikers. They feature a plastic and a wood striker with a molded handle. Each striker will produce different tones when used on the call. One of the unique features of this call is that the strikers can easily be stored right in the base making them very accessible.

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