Name: Larry Gresser
Address: 22753 Park Place Dr. South; Channahon, IL 60410
Phone: 815-467-7330 Fax:
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 Prairie Game Calls

Larry Gresser was born and raised in Joliet Illinois, which is located in the North East section of the State. Larry’s knowledge about hunting began in the early 1960’s when he first started at the age of 6. Tagging along with his father he recalls many times they barely made it through snow drifts as they hunted for rabbits pheasants and squirrels. Today, Larry regularly spends his 4 weeks of company vacation hunting deer and turkey and from the months of October until January he can be found out in the field at least 5 times a week. Larry’s love for hunting is something he takes pride in and nothing excites him more than sharing this passion with his son Matthew who is now in his teens.

In 1994 Larry began making turkey calls although they were not his first choice of calls to make. Back in the 70’s and 80’s Larry spent much of his time hunting duck and goose. Each year he would start in Canada or Dakota or northern Michigan and follow the migration down to Texas. Duck and goose hunting was in his blood and from 1971 till 1995 he never missed opening day of hunting in Illinois. He originally intended to start a line of waterfowl calls but held off because he didn’t have the fancy lathe or special tools required. Then in 1993 he was introduced to turkey hunting and after one year the callmaking bug struck again. It stemmed from reading an article in a hunting magazine on how to make your own box call with little or no special tools. This was the break Larry had been looking for and off to his workshop he went. Larry carefully followed the instructions to a tee and BINGO it worked both looking and sounding just like a turkey call should. From there his personality took control and he began experimenting with what if he did this or what would happen if he changed that. He was hooked and even if he never sold a call he had no plans on stopping.

Today callmaking is a full time hobby for Larry and almost every day he finds some sort of project to start with making calls. Sound and wood and how they work together is always a learning experience, especially when he cuts into a new type of wood that he has never used before. His preference of wood type is hard woods particularly wild cherry, which he enjoys working with the most. His favorite call to make is his long paddle made out of Long Leaf Pine. It is a fun call to build and takes less time to tune and he never goes into the woods without it.

Larry builds a variety of calls, which include strikers, box calls, slate, scratch boxes and even mouth yelpers. His calls go by the name Prairie Game Calls and can be purchased directly from him or through Midwest Turkey Call Supply. Most calls built are field grade but Larry is always willing to build collector grade calls for those who want something unique for their personal collection.

Other interests include his involvement with DU and also the NWTF. He is an active member and supporter of the Grand Valley NWTF chapter in Michigan. Each year he donates calls for their annual banquet and in 2004 he will provided box calls for every jake member that attended the banquet.

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