Name: Pat Hales
Address: P.O. Box 603; Spring Hill, TN 37174
Phone: 931-215-2661Fax:
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 Duck River Game Calls

At first glance, most folks think of waterfowl calls when they see the name “Duck River Game Calls”. But quite the opposite is true, when one takes a closer look at his line of custom calls turkey calls. Duck River is merely a reference to the actual Duck River close to Spring Hills, TN where Pat now resides. The Duck River meanders it’s way though the heavily wooded hills of middle Tennessee and offers hunters a wide variety of hunting opportunities and especially those interested in the wild turkey.

Devoted to helping young children experience the gift of the great outdoors, Pat has founded an organization call “Young American Outdoors”. The goal of the organization is to reach out to young urban children and give them an opportunity to experience the Lords great gift of the outdoors. As this organization takes root, Pat’s vision is to see it expand into all fifty States. Other activities that keep Pat active in his community include his weekly radio program and hosting seminars on television and for outdoor groups.

Pat’s started hunting in 1962. Although most of his time is spent in the State of Tennessee, he travels extensively across America in search of the wild turkey. As an avid outdoors person, he spends much of the fall season on the ground hunting deer and turkey, while deep winter is spent calling predators to his shotgun or bow.

A desire to produce quality wood calls at a fair price is ultimately what sparked his interest in callmaking. He began making calls in 1999 and now with financial backing from several partners, has turned Duck River Game Calls into a full time business. Although he has never entered his calls in any callmaking competitions, both his name and calls are well known though out the South East. Each year, Pat travels to numerous outdoor exhibitions and callmaking shows.

Over the years, he has learned that woodworking can be a time consuming and patient activity. However, working with wood as a method of expression is something that Pat enjoys. His primary focus when building any type of call is finding quality woods that have aged. Each call made has a specific role in hunting and reflects a personal attachment to his work. The “Robins Roost” call is named after his daughter who he considers his best hunting partner. Whereas the “Mountain Shaker”, his favorite call to build is a nickname passed down for gobblers when they gobble. Pat specializes in several types of calls to include: boat paddles, box calls and slate/glass pots. Made from a variety of wood combinations each call can create a mesmerizing tune that is sure to lure in any ole gobbler.

Production of Duck River Games Calls has more than doubled over the last several years. Much of this increase is directly related to reports from past customers telling him his calls are winning contests in regional programs. This fact alone has kept Pat quite busy in the shop. The vast majority of calls Pat builds are field grade for use in the woods. However, don’t be discouraged if you looking for something more custom. Pat is always willing to go the extra mile and often builds custom calls for those who demand a step above the rest. For more information about Pats calls be sure to give him a call or better yet, make sure you attend the next local exhibition show in your area and meet him face to face.

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