Name: Kehl & Patrick Hilbert
Address: 577 Bradley Lane; Harrodsburg, KY 40330
Phone: 859-265-1318 Fax:

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 Mornings Glory Custom Calls

Kehl and Patrick were both born and raised in Harrodsburg KY and today still reside in this same hometown. Kehl is currently employed as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic and Patrick works for one of the local Industries. This duo, with 35 years of hunting experience between them are no strangers when it comes to wild game. Both are dedicated deer, turkey, waterfowl and small game hunters, and like many folks would rather spend their time in the outdoors if time would afford it.

Being avid sportsmen, it didn’t take long for Kehl and Patrick to discover that mass-produced turkey calls were not going to cut it when it came to calling in wild turkey. After trying a variety of off-the-shelf brands both brothers decided it was time to venture out and build one that incorporated the sound and style they were looking for. Thus the Mornings Glory Custom Calls brand came into existence in 2004.

As with any new business, there are always obstacles to overcome and for Kehl and Patrick there were so many it often lead to great frustration. First, just learning to work with wood on a lathe seemed to be their greatest challenge as neither brother had this type of experience or background. Learning the characteristics of various woods and figuring out how to work the different grain patterns also seemed to be a thorn in their side. Couple these factors and what would be a settled upon design, the brothers often wondered, was there light at the end of the tunnel? However, patience and practice is every call makers test and over the course of time these technicalities of call making would become fewer and fewer.

Today Mornings Glory Custom Calls prides itself with the introduction of several friction calls, which produce the sounds, and true tone both brothers looked for in a custom call. Available surfaces include: SINGLE GLASS – glass/glass or glass/slate; SINGLE SLATE – slate/slate or slate/glass; And even SINGLE CRYSTAL. Available woods include: black walnut, Osage orange, American cherry, purple heart, maple, red & white oak, cocobolo, hackberry, zebrawood, mahogany and many other species of wood ranging from exotics to domestics.

Each Mornings Glory call is built one at a time and 100% handmade meaning they are free hand turned on a wood lathe and hand assembled. Each call comes standard with a one-piece hand turned hard maple striker. Matching strikers can be made available at the customer’s request. Those customers looking to add that sense of personalization can personalize their calls with a picture of themselves, a bird or anything they desire. Other products available include custom 1-piece strikers from a wide selection of both domestic and exotic wood species.

Kehl and Patrick produce approximately 200 calls each year. This quantity is about the right number to keep them busy in the shop and prevent them from being over run with orders. They primarily focus call-making efforts on producing field grade calls. Although collector grades are appealing and they do build them on occasion for those customers that request, they prefer making calls that will be used out in the field. Nothing satisfies a call maker more than knowing their calls were used to harvest a bird.

This 2006 season will be the first year Mornings Glory calls have ever been entered into any type of call making contest. Kehl and Patrick will be showing off their wares at the upcoming NWTF National Call Makers show. CCO wishes them great success this year and in future contests.

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