Name: Mark Hinkle
Address: 27791 N. 1575 E. Road; Danville, IL 61834
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 Hinkle Custom Turkey Calls

Finding the right combination of traits for a callmaker doesn't come along that often. However, when you combine a hunter of 33 years with a cabinetmaker since age 16 and banjo player on top of that you have defined the perfect combination for the making of true callmaker. With that said let me introduce Mark Hinkle of Hinkle Custom Turkey Calls.

Mark was born and raised in Hoopeston IL, which is located just 17 miles from Danville, IL where he now lives. He purchased his first hunting license in 1970 and has spent a majority of that time hunting within a 30-mile radius from where he lives. He has been a cabinetmaker since the age of 16 and currently operates (since 1983) a wood shop by the name of Oak Ridge Woodworks where he spends his evenings developing a rustic line of furniture of his own. His interest in making turkey calls began when he started turkey-hunting 7 years ago. Discontent with the look and sounds of calls on the market he decided to make quality turkey call of his own. From that, word quickly spread and soon after he was spending time making calls for many of his close friends.

Quality and sound play an important part when Mark builds any turkey call, and being somewhat of a banjo player through the years has helped him acquired a decent ear for music. After all Mark views his turkey calls as nothing different from that of a banjo except they play a song the turkeys like to hear. His calls are made from a variety of woods, which include: cherry, purple heart, walnut, Osage orange, pecan, red elm, maple, spalted maple, hawthorne and sassafras. He enjoys the challenge of creating different calls especially when it deals with exotic woods, unique grain configurations and natural elements of the wood. His favorite call is one he made from sassafras and walnut. Although he doesn’t use this call in the field he has always liked the look and sounds it can produce.

Mark started making calls in 2000 and currently builds 20+ calls each year. Customers have always been pleased with his work, something he strives for with each call he sells. He is a member of several NWTF chapters, which include: Three Forks in Illinois and West Central in Indiana. Each year he donates turkey calls to these local NWTF banquets to be auction off. Nothing excites him more than to see one of his calls sold at a high price and bring in money for a good cause. His ultimate goal is to pursue callmaking and woodworking in his shop on a fulltime basis.

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