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 O.H. Custom Calls

The desire to become a call maker often time starts with inspiration. For many this might be a skill or trait handed down from a father or even a personal experience out in the woods. But for Steven Holland it was the friendship he established with his former professor Ronnie McGaughey. Ronnie teaches at a local college in Arkansas and is well known for his turkey hunting abilities. In fact he was even featured on an early turkey hunting video with David Blanton who now works with Realtree. This student teacher relationship has since grown into a personal friendship and one that Steven attributes his success as both a turkey hunter and callmaker.

Steven, born and raised in Clarksville, Arkansas has hunted since he was old enough to carry a gun. Although he has only been hunting turkey since 1999 it is a sport that he takes very seriously. Steven began making turkey calls in 2002. His calls go by the name “O.H. Custom Calls and Feathers” the “O” stands for Ottis his first name and also his grandfather’s name. Ask him why and he is quick to tell you that his grandfather had a big influence on his hunting life when he was young.

Today callmaking has become a serious hobby for Steven and nothing excites him more than to make a great sounding call whether its field or collector grade. Custom wing bone yelpers has become one of his specialties and he currently makes about 60 of these a year. Steven also makes Cost style box calls using most domestic woods and some exotics. Steven has always been intrigued with the turtle shell slate call. However, these calls are made only upon request and in limited quantities.

To fancy up his calls Steven met with a wildlife artist in Branson, MO. With thier help and guidance, he discovered a permanent hobby in painting and one that fits perfectly with his hobby of callmaking. Many of Stevens calls can be purchased with an array of artistic scenes making his calls not only instruments for calling turkey in the field, but a call that can be displayed in a personal collection. This artistic touch is offered on both his wing bone and turtle shell slate calls. Box calls are offered in field grade or available with custom carving at the customers request. Steven also spends time painting feathers. Although he doesn’t offer many feathers for sale, if a customer has something specific in mind he is willing to try.

Taking pride in his callmaking ability he offers a full guarantee on each and every one of his calls. If the call is not what the customer expected in craftsmanship, sound quality, or artistic quality just let him know and he will offer a full refund.

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