Name: Scott Hunt
Address: 7523 Huffaker Ferry Road; Knoxville, TN 37920
Phone: 423-573-5035 Fax:
Personal Website:

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Most people would give their teeth to have the country to hunt where Scott calls home along with is wife and two sons. He and his family live near the French Broad River in east Tennessee at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The area is abundant with wildlife, especially the Eastern Wild Turkey.

Like most custom call makers Scott has a talent for woodworking. So much so that it’s how he makes his living. He’s a specialty subcontractor that installs interior trim and unique curved staircases and arch work. It’s a skill level like this that he now brings to custom turkey call making.

The box call Scott makes has a few special design ideas that make it different from most calls. Scott uses and overhand strike when playing his calls and his custom call features a flat lid design that allows this type of call to be easily played. He feels this design gives the hunter more control when calling and at the same time requires less movement then other calls.

As these calls are make they need to play before they are even chalked. If it plays without being chalked Scott knows it’s a quality caller and will only improve when properly prepared. If they don’t play the lids are replace till they are right. If two or three lids don’t do the trick the call is scrapped. Each call made is numbered and dated with the year it is made. At the beginning of each year the numbering sequence starts over again with one and the year. Scott also keeps a detailed log of the calls made for his records including the types of woods used, the finish he used on the call and any interesting notes he feels are unusual about that call.

All Scott’s calls are hand made, tuned and production is limited. He will make between 50 and 100 calls annually. His favorite woods are Walnut and Wormy Chestnut or an all Mahogany box. Mahogany is the only imported wood that he will use. The wood needs to speak for itself in his calls and he does not offer any special carving, painting or other decorations.

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