Name: Lanny "Turkey King" Kyle
Address: 447 Elm Street; Clarksdale, MS 38614
Phone: 662-627-7210 Fax:
Personal Website:

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 Turkey King Calls

Lanny Kyle has more long beards to his credit than anyone I know. He has hunted Turkeys since a small boy and has been doing it all his life. With between 350 and 500 turkeys to his credit he is somewhat of an authority on the topic. He is one of the country's foremost turkey hunting experts. His dedication to the sport spans over 50 years. He has lived and worked all his life in the Mississippi Delta, the heart of wild turkey country.

Lanny started his call business in 1955 under the name Turkey King Products . He has developed and sold numerous turkey hunting and outdoor products ever since. He designed and perfected his first mouth call in 1960. His call line includes a double sided box call, push button call, slate calls and eight different mouth calls with between one and four reeds each. He will also make you a wing bone call from your turkey.

Lanny has spent his life as a tool-maker and machinist for the Black and Decker Corp. He lives in Clarksdale Mississippi with his wife Christine. Besides just call making and hunting turkey Lanny enjoys all aspects of the outdoors. He spends a good deal of time fishing, film-making, flying and photography.

His talents as a turkey hunter have turned his attention to video taping these gobblers in their natural habitat. His videos are not only entertaining but offer rare glimpses of these most majestic birds.

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