Name: Craig Lariscy
Address: 2313 Buckingham Avenue; Lakeland, FL 33803
863-683-1994 Fax:
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Craig loves to hunt turkeys and has actively been doing that for over 12 years. This interest has taken on the hunt in six states. Yet his fondest moments were not his hunts but those of others. He loves to guide hunters and work his magic in the yield. This is exceptionally true when he gets the chance to guide a new hunter on one of his first trips into the turkey woods.

This interest has moved Craig into the call-making arena. He stared making calls a few years ago and has been selling them for about a year. His calls are mostly double-sided box calls but he also makes a boat paddle call as well. Currently Craig makes only about 40 callers a year. These early calls are sure to become very collectable as the talents are developed and refined. The calls are developed around their sound and the primary objective is their ability to call turkeys. Some favorite woods are cedar, butternut maple and poplar. Craig also works with a few more exotic woods like mesquite, zebrawood and goncalo alves.

He is not a high volume call maker and has no commercial ambition to sell his calls. Each and every call is hand made one at a time. Craig would not sell any call he would not use himself or give to a friend. Calls are available by order with a short wait. These calls are sure to make a great addition to any call collection.

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