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 GHO Game Calls

It is amazing what can be accomplished when two individuals put their minds together and work toward a common goal. Even better is when the goal ultimately turns into a reality. For Rod Lear and Tim Bratcher the reality was the creation of Greenhead Hunter Outdoors (GHO) website and game call company.

Tim and Rod both grew up in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky which is known for its abundance of coal fields. Muhlenberg County is also known by many of the locals as an excellent place to hunt deer, turkey, duck and an array of other wild game. Both gentlemen have enjoyed a tradition of hunting in their families and between the two, bring an experienced hunting base of over 50 years to the table.

GHO originally started as a website focusing on the review and testing of various waterfowl products. Tim and Rod would review each product and then report back with a rating system on its durability, quality and effectiveness in the field. After reviewing numerous game calls both dabbled with the idea of building a line of calls they could call their own and associate with their website. The idea was an instant success, that is, the making of calls. However the problem that loomed was how you rate your own product. The solution to that problem was solved quickly. Once word got out that Tim and Rod were making calls friends began offering their field test services. It didn’t take long before Tim and Rod discovered they were on to something and soon after GHO became known as GHO Game Calls.

Over the last two years Tim and Rod have spent a majority of their time perfecting the sound quality on the calls. Much time was also spent doing research on the Internet and finding supplies for the materials they use in their production lines. GHO makes various calls to include duck, goose and turkey. Rod is primarily responsible for the turkey pot calls sold under the GHO label. Pots come in slate/glass and glass/glass and can even be customized with photos graphics and logos if the customer desires them. His preference is walnut and poplar but exotic woods such as Madagascar ebony, Sassafras, Padouk, zebra and Ebonywood are also used. Tim on the other hand makes most of the duck and goose calls. Duck calls are built Arkansas style and are made from Cocabolo, Bocote, Ebony wood and even acrylic and Micah pearl. Goose calls are short reed in design and can be made from the same woods.

Current production of GHO Game calls is around 200 a year depending on sales and availability. Tim and Rod primarily make field grade calls in both lines, but always welcome requests from customers to take their calls to the next level. Whether it is call customization, checkering, laminated, GHO is dedicated to providing its customers with the best call available on the market.

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