Name: Steve Lumma
Address: 121 Stonepost Lane: Wentzville, MO 63385
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 Steve Lumma's Custom Wingbone Calls

If you ask Steve Lumma what he remembers about high school his answer will most likly be, 9th grade science class. Now you might be wondering why 9th grade and why science class of all things, after all, who uses that stuff anyway. For Steve it wasn't so much the grade or the science class, but instead his teacher's outdoors magazine that had an article on making wing bones.


To help you understand futher, the year prior Steve had just started turkey hunting and at that time he was looking for any type of turkey call he could get his hands on. Unfortuneatly money was tight, especially for a 14 year old kid who didn't have a job. Needless to say that article somehow found its way to his home and he has been making wing bones ever since.

Was making calls easy at such a young age? Not by a long shot! In fact Steve often wondered if he would be able to continue. Most folks aren't aware but Steve was considered legally blind growing up. He was born with a birth defect that left scaring and blistering on the inside of his cornea. At age 11 he had already undergone one corneal transplant in his left eye and was scheduled to have the same procedure performed in his right eye when he turned 16. Today he considers his ability to overcome this obsticle and still be able to make calls as one of his biggest accomplishments in life.

If you are fortunate to meet Steve you will also realize he is one of those individuals who is artistically inclined. He loves working on projects with his hands and imagination and often times he catches himself becoming too much of a perfectionist. For some folks this can become a problem, but not for Steve. Call making has become the perfect full time hobby that meshes all of his strong points and it is quite evident in the creative details one will find in any of his wing bones he makes today.

Steve makes calls to order for customers in both field and collector grade. What is nice about his field grades calls are they are not just your plain Jane 3 bones glued together. Steve invests a fair amount of time in each one making the customer feel as if they have a one of a kind call. However, his true talents reside in those one would classify as show quality calls. On average, a show quality piece can take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours of Steve's time and still not be complete until all the parts are pulled together. Once the finishing touches are applied the final product resembles what some would consider a masterpiece. Its calls like these that give Steve his greatest sense of satisfication.

In 2005 Steve entered his first wing bones into the NWTF competion. Although he didn't place his work is starting to gain noteriety in the call making community. If you're a collector of wing bone calls or just want one to take to the field I encourage you to contact Steve as his annual production of calls only ranges from 30 to 50 a year. And while you have his ear be sure to ask him if that wing bone article ever made its way back to his 9th grade science teacher. My bet is that it still resides somewhere in his shop today.

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