Name: Mike McCormick
Address: 504 South Walnut Street; Milford, DE 19963
Phone: 302-424-0339 Fax:
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As with most call makers that I meet or talk to, I find that hunting and the love of the outdoors was either a tradition in the family or a part of their up bringing. Mike McCormick is no different than the others. Growing up in the State of Pennsylvania Mike began deer hunting at the early age of 16 and recalls taking off from school for a week each year to fulfill that tradition. This tradition continues today as Mike finds himself sharing this love with his two daughters.

Mike has since moved to Delaware and a new type of hunting caught his attention. In the early 1980’s Delaware started like many States a Turkey stocking program. This new program peaked his interest and he started practicing his turkey calling skills. For 5 years he practiced with a diaphragm call learning to mimic the sounds of this great bird. When opening season arrived those years of practicing paid off when he bagged his first gobbler. Only 10% of the people who drew tags that year brought home a bird. Since then Turkeys in Delaware have taken off and Mike commends the efforts of the State and its wildlife officials for starting the turkey stocking program.

As turkey hunting progressed, Mike became interested with the hobby of call making after a visit to the Custom Calls Online website. His primary interest was in the construction of a wing bone call made from the turkeys he had harvested. However, every call maker has an obstacle to overcome and Mike’s was the problem of chipping the bones as he cut them. Eventually, with the use of a scroll saw and a steady hand he perfected the proper cutting sequence for each bone. Each wing bone call that Mike completed helped him discover new and different techniques for cutting, fitting and assembling. After perfecting this process several times he decided it was time to share them with friends and family. The calls were an instant success and he was urged by all to start selling them to the public.

Today Mike assembles and sells over one hundred wing bone calls a year. Many of the wings he acquires, come from the States of New York, Delaware, South Carolina, and Virginia. For those hunters that want a personal call from the gobbler they shot, Mike adds a special note on the call that includes the weight of the bird, its beard length and the date it was taken. Mike is also in the process of designing his own box calls made from red cedar. These box calls are offered as one sided and have a little deeper sound than your average call. Customers can choose from a plain hunting grade or decorative lids with gobbler artwork. Each box call is sealed with a clear polyurethane coating and made ready to take to the field.

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