Name: Danyale McDonald
Address: 3765 Sweetbriar Trace; Snellville, GA 30039
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 McDonald Game Calls

Danyale McDonald was born and raised in the great state of Kansas where his love for hunting originated at the early age of 8 years old. Hunting with his father for quail, pheasant and other small game was considered quality time in the hunting woods. As the years passed by he eventually added deer and turkey to the mix giving him a title of seasoned hunter of over 34 years. After graduating from college he began working as a Respiratory Therapist but has since moved to Snellville Georgia where he continues this profession and his love for the woods and hunting.

His interests include hunting, callmaking and especially archery. In 1994 he made the championship flight at the National Field Archery Association Indoor National Championship in Tulsa OK. This was his first year shooting tournament archery. In 1996 he placed in the top 3 of the Georgia State Indoor Archery championship with his best score for 2-day tournament in the Free Style class, which is the most competitive. Danyale also helps produce hunting videos with his partner Oliver Brooks who is the owner of Fields Edge Camo Their first video called “Bucks on the Edge1” was produced in 2001 and they have just finished production of a 2nd video that includes a combination of both deer and turkey hunting.

If you ask him how he got involved with making turkey calls his answer depicts a common story told by most callmakers. Like any turkey hunter, one often finds himself at the local hunting store looking for the latest and greatest call on the market. This same scenario held true for Danyale as he thought in his mind "I can make that myself". That afternoon he found himself at the local hardware and craft store buying components to build a 5-inch basswood box with a 7-inch red oak paddle. When turkey season arrived he and his partner were ready to put his new call to the test. Danyale positioned himself as the cameraman and his partner setup as the field tester for his new box call. By the end of the day the test was a complete success as they harvested a 10" bearded Tom. It was from that moment he became hooked with the enjoyment of making box calls. Not a day goes by that he doesn't find himself trying to venture out to the wood shop to create and build box calls.

Since building that first call Danyale jokes that he has wasted enough wood to build a house. While making calls he has focused on wood combinations, side rails and paddle adjustments all of which have delivered a fare share of frustration. Box calls looks and tone qualities have always been his objective since day one. Today he has achieved this with the following combinations of curly maple, Peruvian walnut, Purple Heart, cherry, poplar, American walnut, zebrawood and mahogany. However, his favorite combination is a Curly Maple paddle with Red Cedar sides with Peruvian Walnut or American Walnut bottom.

Danyale offers both field grade and collector grade calls and sells them at hunting shows, his personal website and by word of mouth. He has been making them since 2001 and introduced them to the public in August of 2002. This year he attended his first turkey show in Atlanta and although he did not place, he received very favorable responses from various callmakers and hunters. Today his production of calls averages about 50 box calls a year. To find out more about McDonald Turkey calls be sure to email, call or visit his website.

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