Name: Harry Montauredes
Address: 604 Long Pond RD; Forest City, PA 18421
Phone: 570-878-1596 Fax:
Personal Website:

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Although a young man Harry Montauredes is not stranger to the outdoors and spending time in the woods. At an early age he showed a surprising interest in fishing and hunting. As early as eight years old he was taking seminars on related activities such as fly tying. His instructor at the time noted just how well he learned and how attentive he was to fine details.



It was about at this same age that he began learning about turkey calls and regularly practicing with many different types. When at the age of 13 he went on a Florida Osceola hunt and bagged a great bird that sported a 10.5" beard, 3/4" spurs and weighted in at 17 pounds. This hunt used all his skills learned to that time as it took him over three hours to work the bird into gun range. They talked back and forth with the gobbler responding over 80 times until it made that last mistake by walking out to confront the decoy.

Seems like the interest in the out of doors and turkey hunting has not waned over the years. Harry Montauredes is now taking this interest into his shop making a wonderful box call. The calls show good craftsmanship and tone. This call maker is sure to have a long and lasting carrier. This would be your chance to get an early example of one call maker's talent.

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